Never Be Confused By Marketing
Funnels or Sequences Again…
Finally, Funnels That Convert Into Sales That
You Can Use Over & Over Again With Only
Slight Modifications…For Any Program, 
Product or Service
Live In Atlanta!
June 15-16, 2016
Do You Struggle With Marketing Funnels…
Not Sure What or How to Put Them Together…
Never Again!
What if you never had to worry about developing a marketing funnel or sequence again…
What if you had templates you could draw from and just modify them, tweak them for your specific needs…

AND, what if you had email sequences you could do the same thing with…
Your wait is over! It’s here…
Almost Everyone Needs Help In This Area…
Even The Marketers & Business People
You Admire Most
Sitting there at that small desk in that rickety office sweat dripping down the middle of my back and tears streaming down my cheeks, trying to hide the frustration, confusion, overwhelm and shear torment I was going through from everyone else around me as I tried to develop a “marketing funnel” for the very successful marketer I was working for at the time. He wasn’t very happy with what I had initially given him and he was telling me all about it, in a staff meeting, in front of the rest of the team.

That was the scenario years ago when I got my start in the marketing business and I remember the feelings of anger and frustration welling up inside of me as I struggled with marketing and sales and how to put it all together in a way that made sense…and profits.

I also vowed, in that moment, that embarrassing, humiliating moment, that I would never again not fully understand and be able to explain in simple language anybody could understand marketing, marketing funnels, marketing sequences and all that went into them.

So, I set out for the next few years and I read, studied, modeled, investigated, opted-in to lists and saved funnel swipe files, I listened to every webinar and teleseminar I could possibly get on. And, I attended event after event after event.
I was looking for the magic bullet, the one thing, the secret, the key!
Then, it happened…
I realized there was no secret, no magic…except me! In order to have success and see the effects of the marketing funnels I was learning about, I had to put some funnels together, and run some sequences to test what I was learning…in other words, I had to take action!

So, that is exactly what I started doing…applying what I had learned…and it started to work! Not 100% of the time, but enough that nice profits were starting to roll in and pretty soon, people were asking me about the marketing I was doing and how I was getting it all done and then the ultimate question…could I help them, show them, do the same thing for them.

I took what I learned and applied it in real life!
For years now, I’ve been doing just that…working on marketing funnels, for myself and for some top marketers and business owners around the world. One of them recently said…
“…what Diane does with marketing funnels blows my mind. She knows marketing funnels better than anybody I know. And, I'm talking about marketing funnels that will make you tons of money.” 
Matt Bacak
Atlanta, GA
So, if you don’t know me, have never heard of me but somehow found your way here and are asking yourself how can she be so great if I don’t know her, it’s simply because I’ve been behind the scenes of sorts, helping other people with their funnels more than anything else.

NOW…it’s time to share the tips and strategies with every business owner or marketer who wants them, so you too can profit and make a ton more money than ever before with easy, simple, effective marketing funnels.
AND, the BEST part is you’re not just going to get book learning…you’re going to be handed profit making templates that are easily adaptable for your business. I'm going to show you how to have Successful 6 Figure Funnels™ every time!
Oh, and by the way, I no longer cower down to bullies and let them intimidate me when it comes to anything marketing…but especially not marketing funnels. And, that guy who made me cry, got me frustrated and overwhelmed, and motivated to be a recognized expert in my field – yea, him…he now brags to people that he mentored me and takes credit for my knowledge (which is fair to some degree)…and I turn his business away because there are plenty of nice people who want my help with their marketing funnels…
The Successful Marketing Funnels Event™

The Successful Marketing Funnels Event™ is where you discover that building successful marketing funnels isn’t some big secret that only the mega and ultra-successful marketer can do, or afford to have done for them.

Discover the EXACT STEPS to use so you can accelerate your business results, not only while we’re together in Atlanta, but every day from now on in your business!

And, the BEST NEWS is it’s not about you developing some complicated funnel for every single thing program, product, and service you have in your business…As a matter of fact, just the opposite is true!

And, the BEST OF THE BEST NEWS is that I'm going to give you the exact funnels you need to run your entire business AND show you exactly how to simply modify them to fit what you do.
  • No more complicated funnels
  • No more wondering what to do in a follow-up sequence
  • No more wondering if what you’re doing will convert to sales
  • No more investing in fancy programs and new “software and programs” that look and sound like a miracle but don’t really help or fix anything
  • No more issues, challenges or questions about funnels or email sequences in your life or your business  
WHY The Successful Marketing Funnels Event™?

Over the past 17 years, I’ve been behind the scenes of some of the most profitable product launches, webinars, live events, and other marketers and business owner’s promotions. I'm one of the people who create the pieces of the machine that makes other people’s businesses work (read profitable).

I have also been using these same strategies and techniques in my own business during that time. You see, for me, it doesn’t matter if I'm making headlines and if people are pointing to me as the smart one, the one with some amazing marketing and business ideas, or not. What I love, what I get a kick out of, what fuels my fire, is helping other people succeed and watching their businesses grow and expand…helping them be more successful!
And, I’ve done that…over and over and over again!
Now, I'm going to take those same skills and abilities, those same marketing funnels, those same marketing sequences, and share them with you so you can use them in your business too…
  • I'm literally going to hand you over $7,997.00 worth of marketing funnels when you join me at The Successful Marketing Funnels Event™ (you’ll  actually get marketing funnels that  have generated millions of dollars in profits…not 20 years ago, but in  the past 12-18 months)
  •  We’ll go through the funnels one at a  time and you’ll have a chance to ask  questions AND, you’ll have time to  modify and adjust the funnels to your business right there in the room 
  • Before you leave, you’ll have complete  marketing funnels specifically for your  business…ready to put into place with  your team as soon as you get to the  office
“I Highly Suggest You Take Time Out Of Your Business To Come To This Event”
In only 2 days at Diane Conklin’s Event I’ve learned a ton of stuff and have all my marketing funnels in place and ready to go.

I highly, highly suggest you take time out of your day, out of your business and come for the 2 days and really get this amazing information on marketing funnels, work with like-minded people and learn a ton of stuff from Diane.
Amy Sinclair  
Charleston, SC
“The Is THE Event I’ve Been Looking For”
“This is THE event I have been looking for! Great information on marketing funnels, Great ideas, Great motivation, Great implementation, Great networking.

This event will jumpstart your year better than anything else you can do…it did mine!”
Chris Hardy
Paramount Investment Advisors
Atlanta, GA
“If You’re Working Harder Than You Need To You Need To Get To This Event” 
I’ve had a wonderful 2 days here at Diane Conklin’s Event, learning how to set up my marketing funnels so they are successful, implementing my strategy, having a tactical plan and I’ve also learned some amazing up-to-date information about marketing.

If you are working IN your business, aren’t clear or need help with your marketing funnels, or are working harder than you need to, do whatever it takes to get to Diane Conklin’s events the next time, and every time she holds one.
Kim Kennedy
Health & Wellness Coach
Atlanta, Georgia
Simple, Easy-To-Understand, Uncomplicated Funnels That Work…
One of the biggest reasons you may sometimes feel like throwing up your hands in frustration and just giving up is because you mistakenly think marketing funnels are all about if-thens, if-yeses, if-no’s and complicated diagrams with arrows all over them that nobody can follow.
If you think marketing funnels have to look like this…
OR This…
…think again…
They don’t…and if yours currently do, then rest assured the process is about to get a lot easier for you, it will make a lot more sense and you’ll even be able to explain it to you team, marketing person or Virtual Assistant so they understand it and can implement it all for you…
And Unlike many SO CALLED Experts teaching these days….
I Actually Use These Exact Same Marketing Funnels Every Single Day!
It’s confusing these days! There is a lot of bad information out there and there are many THEORIES that just plain do not work. And, to be honest there are a lot of people out there teaching things they’ve never done (for themselves or for clients) and they have no idea if the things they’re teaching actually work or not (or worse yet, they know they don’t work or haven’t worked in years)! 

There seems to be a race to grow your business and to get the results YOU want. Yet there are so few proven systems to get you there. And too many people are trying to sell you on the idea that there is one system, one cookie-cutter system… that will miraculously work for everyone who uses it…AND, I'm here to tell you that simply isn’t true!

Cookie-Cutter, One-Stop Shop Type “Systems” Do Not Work
You can’t develop one funnel, write one marketing sequence and use it for everything in your business and expect to get great results and make a ton of money. It’s not going to happen! It won’t work! AND, you’ll go back to being frustrated and confused again…

What works are individualized, custom programs fit specifically for you and your business…that’s what we do at The Successful Marketing Funnels Event.™

You’re going to get funnels that are working now, and ways to modify them to fit your exact needs…not a one size fits all plan for everyone, in every industry, and in every situation under the sun…those don’t work!

You know your business, your target market, your marketing plans, and you know you…

You know how you talk and communicate with your clients, the media you use, the kinds of words you use and how your clients respond to all of that…

In order for these funnels to work, they have to be yours…and we’re going to make them yours while we’re together at the Successful Marketing Funnels Event.™

“Amazing! Now, I Have Specific Marketing Funnels And My Business Is Going To The Next Level”
“I just finished two of the most wonderful days with Diane Conklin. I definitely came out of this event with amazing marketing funnels in place, easy, simple strategies for modifying the other ones Diane gave us, a clear focus and a clear strategy for taking my business to that next level…which I was completely afraid to do before I attended this event.

If you are thinking about attending this event with Diane, I highly recommend it. You’re going to have a blast so come prepared. Be ready to get a lot of stuff done that will move your business forward right at the event.

It is amazing… the event is amazing!
Thank you Diane.”
Ajla Kamber
Acworth, Georgia
“I Made Money With My New Marketing Funnels Before The Event Was Even Over”
“I loved the focus of this event – which was marketing funnels, sequences and making money! It was so great to get information that I can use immediately and to have the opportunity to get something done and actually make money before the event was over - truly amazing! Diane makes it all so easy to understand AND she gave us the actual funnels to use, not just model, but to use. Templates, checklists and more…this event was invaluable.”
Ed Pudlo
Chicago, IL
“This Has Been Great…I'm Coming To The Next Event”
“I’ve been with Diane for the last two days at her event. This has been a wonderful experience. I’ve learned a whole lot about marketing, funnels, email sequences, how to easily implement them in my business, making money and so much more. I even got some great ideas for a new business I want to start and the marketing is pretty much already in place just with the funnels and templates Diane gave us.

I’m so glad I came that I'm already signed up too come to Diane’s next event!”
Janice Pope
Raleigh, NC
Anything But Boring
Who is Successful Marketing Funnels Event™ For?
  • If marketing funnels confuse or frustrate you or you just need some help with them in your business
  • If you like the idea of never having to start from a blank sheet of paper to design a marketing plan or funnel and would rather use a proven template that you can just modify and tweak
  • If you’d like your conversion rates to be higher in all the sales processes you currently use in your business
  • If you’d like to turn cold leads into immediate cash
  • If you want email marketing sequences that work, that convert, are profitable AND, you’d like to know how to simply modify them for your business, industry or niche so you can use them over and over again…with success every single time
  • If you like the idea of templates but always thought they weren’t personalized enough and want to see how you can use templates and quickly and easily adapt them so your clients feel like you’re talking directly to them in every single message
  • If you want Individual Attention while finalizing your marketing funnels but don’t want to invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to get it
Are you ready? 
“Was Worth So Much More Than I Invested To Come”
“I loved this conference…it was worth so much more than what I invested to come.
I was missing the successful marketing funnel and calendar pieces so this really helped put it all together for me.

There was a lot of time to get questions answered and I desperately needed that. I worked with a coach for more than a year and Diane helped me more and answered more questions with ease in these couple days than I got out of that entire year.

Thanks for your positive energy, Diane, and the great support you gave us. You made marketing funnels and everything else seem like something anybody can do…and now I can! Thanks to you I’ll never have to develop a marketing funnel from scratch again (I’ll just use one of yours that are proven to be successful and modify it), and I don’t have to waste time sitting around frustrated and overwhelmed because I'm not sure what to do related to my funnels!”
Sandra Templeton
Hollywood, FL
“Coming To This Event Is The Right Decision…I'm Clear On My Marketing & Have My Funnels In Place, Tweaked & Ready To Go.”
“I definitely made the right decision coming to this event. I am clear about what to do, what my marketing funnels look like and how to implement them. Now, it’s time to go make some money and when I launch my next program, I’ll just go to the funnel templates Diane gave us, make some small modifications for my specific business and I’ll be all set! Diane made it SO EASY!

I learned so many things to elevate and grow my business and I'm clear about the path to get where I want to be.
Thanks Diane.”
Kim Harper
Penguin Innovations
Atlanta, GA
“Get Yourself To Diane’s Next Event”
“We have had an incredible couple of days, in Atlanta at Diane’s event. We’ve had a really significant amount of butt in seat time to sit down and actually get our marketing funnels in place. I’ve been in business a long time, so I thought my funnels were pretty good, but these few modifications and changes are going to make a big difference.

Talk about an incredible value…this event is worth at least 10 times the investment!
If you are in need of updated marketing funnels, need to get your first ones in place or are just a bit stuck in your business, get yourself here to Diane's event - it will be worth your while.”
Shelly Stokes
Alexandria, Minnesota
The Successful Marketing Funnels Event™...
  • Is NOT a Pitch Fest: There are NO high-pressure PRODUCT pitches at the event! 
  • Is not an event with speaker after speaker! You get me and me alone for 2 days. No bringing in outside speakers who stand up in the front of the room and try to get you to buy their stuff and take the focus off of Marketing Funnels and growing your business
  • Is a live learning experience that allows you to leave with marketing funnels already done and a simple strategy for modifying any new funnel you need so it’s easy to keep your business growing
  • Is 100% CURRENT! Everything is based on what is working NOW. In fact you leave with your marketing funnels completely customized to your programs, products and services so you and start seeing increased conversions and profits right away. 
Do You Like The Idea of…
  • An Award-Winning marketing and business strategist who has developed and implemented marketing funnels for some of the top marketers in the world focused on YOUR funnels for 2 days?
  • A 17-year veteran business owner mapping out YOUR marketing funnels and follow up sequences for you?
  • 2 full days designed specifically for you to discover how easy it is to modify marketing funnel templates to fit your exact business and your exact program, product or service rather than starting from scratch every time you need a new funnel or develop a new program?
  • Your marketing funnels done so you (and your team) know exactly what you need to do in every single marketing funnel to get the results you want?
  • An intimate, small group of like-minded business owners all working together to achieve their goals?
What’s This Worth To Your Business?

The Successful Marketing Funnel Event™ is a small investment of only $597. It’s a fraction of the value you get when you attend and spend 2 days in full immersion with this small group of amazing business owners. The one event, that I know of, that is similar to this requires an investment of $7,500.00 and 5 days of your time, so I know this small investment is more than fair…and I’ve set it at $597 so every business owner, from the person still striving to hit 6 figures, all the way up to those already at 7 figures will walk away with exactly what they want…and be 100% happy!

Seriously, this event is a no-brainer. Here’s why…

At the end of our time together, you’ll be able to take any one of the funnels I give you, modify it to fit your specific business (which we’ll do while we’re together), use it, and make at 

least 10 times your investment…Guaranteed!

What you’ll get at the Successful Marketing Funnel Event™ are proven, profitable funnels, that just plain work…they are time-tested, reliable, and flat out get results!

This is a no fluff event. I will be teaching, sharing the templates and making suggestions for ways to modify the templates specifically for your business. Then, you will have a chance to actually make those modifications in the room while we’re together so  you will walk out at the end of our 2 days together with real marketing funnels and email sequences you can use!

Your Special Early Bird Bonuses…
Your Investment : $597
(And I'll buy you lunch!)
“Diane Will Help You Monetize Every Aspect of Your Business With The Right Funnels & Messaging To Serve Your People…And, You’ll Have A Blast Doing It Too!”
“I just got an opportunity to work with Diane on the marketing funnels for my business. She gave me this incredible roadmap to say what I wanted to say, do what I want to do, and to reach the people I want to reach in a way that can serve more people and create more income for my business.

I also talked to her about other things areas where I want to grow my business where I needed some additional marketing and different funnels and she has the information and ability to really help you understand how to monetize your business with the right funnels, the right focus, and the way to really take your gifts and turn them into serving your people, creating massive amounts of income and having an awesome time doing it.

If you get the chance to have Diane help you with the funnels for your business, you should do whatever it takes to make it happen!”
Jenn August
San Jose, California
"No Reason To Learn By Attending The School of Hard Knocks When This Event Is Available"
Finally it has been done! Diane Conklin has combined her years of experience of working with some of the world’s best Marketers and has created a no-nonsense, easy to understand, foundation for anyone who is interested in how to have successful marketing funnels in their business or for people who are already doing well with their sequences and funnels and are looking to sharpen their skills.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to building your list, having proven and successful (profitable) marketing funnels, or creating BIG paydays…you’ve just gotta get to her event!!! I wish I had this 20-years ago when I first went into Business instead of learning by attending the School of Hard Knocks.
Bill Glazer
Former President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™
Chairman of The Information Marketing Association
“Now, My Marketing Funnels Are Focused & Profitable”
“As a new business owner I had a lot of ideas but my marketing funnels are not focused. Diane is a true motivator. She helped me gain focus, to decide which ideas are realistic and can produce income and helped me build the right marketing funnels to put in place for each area of my business.

I will continue to grow and be more profitable with these adjustments to my marketing funnels and I can easily modify and adapt what I have with the amazing templates and samples Diane gave us to use. Under her guidance my profits are soaring!”
Jenae Redmond
Adamstown, MD
Are You Ready For Growth, As Well As Increased Results & Profits?
Join Me at The Successful Marketing Funnels Event™!
REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS: If something comes up and you can’t attend this event, you have up until 30 days before the event to let us know and we will issue a full refund, or you can apply the fee to the next Complete Marketing Systems Event in the calendar year.

GUARANTEE: You know I can’t guarantee your results…because they depend on YOU! What I can guarantee is the marketing funnels I design with you will work (if you use them). I guarantee you will have fun. I guarantee you will get all of me for the time we have together. I guarantee you will get lunch served to you both days and have and unlimited supply of iced tea, water and coffee. AND, I guarantee this can and will change your business (and your life) if you simply let it!
What to learn more about our amazing event you can always contact us directly.
We promise to answer all questions and respond to all inquiries.